I love you CM Punk, but you make absolutely no sense

CM Punk is nothing if not dedicated. Anyone who has seen the new, absolutely must-own "Best in the World" DVD knows this. He is dedicated to being the best. He is dedicated to making the most out of every situation and making it gold. He does it because he couldn't imagine doing it any other way, but also because he truly believes that he is the best in the world. I admire this. Hell, I love this. CM Punk is one of my absolute favorite wrestlers of all time (even though I am pretty sure he would absolutely hate me if he ever met me) because of this, but lately CM Punk doesn't seem to make any sense.

CM Punk is such a well drawn out character with such a rich history that his current run makes absolutely no sense. CM Punk is the guy from the indies. CM Punk is the guy who nobody believed in. CM Punk is the guy who had to threaten to leave in order to become a top superstar. (Serious question: Why doesn't someone else try this? What if Mark Henry said he would quit if he didn't get returned to his status as MONSTER HOSS? Oh yeah, they'd probably just let him. Never mind.) He was always great on the microphone and he was always great in the ring, but he never got his fair shake. He did his share of dastardly deeds, but he was never a full-on chickenshit. Now he is.

I understand that he will stop at absolutely nothing to get the crowd to hate him and he thinks this will work. I get it because nothing else they have tried so far is really working so they are hitting us over the head with a big stick that says "BOO CM PUNK." I could say a thing here about how the WWE Universe is rejecting the turn, but they won't let us and how I think that he had a lot more run in him as the Batman to Cena's Superman, but what's done is done. He'd always be secondary to Cena in that situation and that isn't good for anyone. Besides we all know Punk is a better heel than a good guy because he's just not a good guy. Punk as the top heel in all of WWE could be huge. I think he could be what Edge was a few years ago, only better. I think he could be Legend Killer era Randy Orton, only good at wrestling. He's not The Miz spouting catchphrases, secretly wishing he was cool like The Rock and hoping he gets cheered. Punk wants to be the biggest heel in WWE and he will stop at nothing to make sure he is absolutely hated. He doesn't care if it will cost him t-shirt sales because Punk is dedicated. He just made a whole DVD about it.

But the way they are doing it isn't the way. It doesn't make sense and it's not who CM Punk is. Being afraid of Vince McMahon, a legit senior citizen, is not CM Punk. Taking a powder and walking out of matches with senior citizens is definitely not Punk. For the last year we've been taught that CM Punk believes that he is best in the world and that he just might be. John Cena is meant to be the one crack in that case so it makes sense that we could see Punk start to falter. He could doubt himself and start to make more and more evil decisions as time went by, but he wouldn't just start being afraid of everyone one day. Hubris might get to him, his ego might spin out of control and he might push away anyone who supports him, but he'd never be afraid. Not like this at least. Not so openly.

CM Punk as the ultimate bad guy works the best when he is the goddamn Devil. He's not Ric Flair, he's Charles Manson. He is a sick person who believes he is the best in the world and he would do anything to maintain that title. He will make a deal with the (other) Devil (Paul Heyman) to maintain that title. He will take out The Rock because some people think he is the best and then "turn his back on the WWE Universe" when he attacks him. This is all clearly in character. It's who he is. Being afraid of Vince McMahon is not.

We blame WWE Creative for a lot of these things (and the tired "you have to beat Cena"/"I already did" stuff goes right on them), but Punk doing that in a match with Vince McMahon is something I put on him. He had the chance to say "Hey, why the hell would I be afraid of you? I'm the WWE Champion. Come on, seriously" but he didn't. (Or at least he didn't fight hard enough for it.) It's inexcusable and it's hurt what otherwise has been a great performance because it just makes no sense.

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