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Thursday Morning Cartoons: Nobody horses around with Hulk Hogan

When we last left our friends in Hoganville they took a break from sleeping in the same bed and going to breakfast to befriend a lost horse that was being chased by bad guys (who were surprisingly not Roddy Piper) and even taken him to the gym with them to help them work out. It was an extra long episode that had so much plot development that we had to string it in to two parts. That second part? IS RIGHT NOW.

Everything is going good and the guys are just working out. Lou Albano has rigged his machine to feed him a sub BECAUSE HE'S FAT. I know this is a kid's cartoon and everything, but why did Captain Lou get saddled with the fat gimmick? If you wanted to have a guy eating all the time wouldn't it be Andre? He's a GIANT. He needs to eat just to sustain himself. Anyways, things are going good until the bad guyz show up.

vlcsnap-2013-12-11-23h04m35s27 Read more

Tuesday Morning Cartoons: My mane man Hogan

While watching Total Divas this week I had a thought, Total Divas isn't really all that good of a show, but I'm glad it exists. I love wrestling, but you can't just watch wrestling 24/7. You need to watch other types of shows, but if you could have a show to watch that isn't wrestling but also still is that would be perfect and that's whatĀ Total DivasĀ is. Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling is/was the same thing for kids of the 80s. It's wrestling, but just barely. I'm glad it exists.

The Four Legged Pickpocket

This week's episode, The Four Legged Pickpocket, doesn't offer an opening scene with a wrestler doing something (boo) and gets straight to the cartoon after the opening theme so that's what we're going to do. Based on the picture above I think this episode is about a horse who steals. Hogan then tracks the stealing horse to the Kentucky Derby where he enters himself into the race and wins by 10 lengths, costing Roddy Piper millions in gambling losses. Let's see how right I am! Read more

The worst show I’ve ever been to: WWF at the Rosemont Horizon 8/23/97

I am currently in a state of non-stop excitement because this Saturday I will be going to Chikara in Chicago. Chikara is always an amazing time and I have never been let down by a live experience. (This will only be my fourth, but still.) The card always seems to feel packed whenever I go to Chikara and this time is no exception with El Generico in the house, Colt vs Quack II and an awesome Campeones de Parejas match between the Young Bucks and the Spectral Envoy. Oh, and The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger teaming up with a pigeon. This looks like it's going to be a really great show and I am really excited.

In fact, I've had a string of really good shows that I have attended. The three WWE events I attended this year were Elimination Chamber (not the greatest show, but the Elimination Chamber match is the Elimination Chamber match and that Santino/Bryan sequence was worth the price of admission), Wrestlemania (no explanation necessary) and the Raw after Wrestlemania (BORK LASER~). I've also been to two Chikara shows this year, "Ring of Wax" featuring the otherworldly Sara Del Rey vs. El Generico match and "Shoot A Crooked Arrow" which I reviewed over at the Wrestling Blog (summary: it was awesome and Chikara is the best.) I also had tickets to Ring of Honor's Showdown in the Sun Night 1 with Kevin Steen vs. El Generico, but thanks to a shitty concierge and ROH booking a show so far away from Miami I was unable to attend. Even so it's been a pretty awesome year for me watching live wrestling and Saturday should only continue that trend.

It wasn't always like this though. I've seen a lot of good shows, but I've seen some bad ones too and the worst one ever was a WWF TV taping in Chicago at the Rosemont Horizon back in 1997. Read more