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The Undoing of Daniel Bryan

bryan2015There's been a lot of talk about Daniel Bryan leading up to Wrestlemania season because there is always a lot of talk about Daniel Bryan leading up to Wrestlemania season. I'm firmly in the camp of Daniel Bryan should've won the Royal Rumble and wrestled at Wrestlemania. No qualifiers, no "because Roman isn't ready", nothing. Daniel Bryan should be in the main event of Wrestlemania because he is Stone Cold and Stone Cold would be in the main event of Wrestlemania. That's where I stand.

A lot of people want WWE to finish the Daniel Bryan story. To let him have his title reign, to let him be defeated for the title and to have his moment in the sun. This makes sense and the fact that WWE refuses to acknowledge that option is troubling. What really worries me though is that not only is WWE doing that, but they are also actively trying to undo everything they did at Wrestlemania 30 with Daniel Bryan and drag him down.

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The WWE Sadness Rankings

roman-reigns-the-rockIt's been a tough week for fans of WWE as the Royal Rumble managed to let down pretty much everyone's expectations (and that's putting it nicely). It wasn't just the fans of Daniel Bryan that were hurt, but the fans of quality wrestling. The Royal Rumble was a misstep in so many ways that you can't help but to feel sorry for the people who competed in it. So, let's exchange our anger for empathy and figure out who we should feel the most sorry for coming out of Sunday.  Read more

The Daniel Bryan backlash is WWE’s fault

Daniel Bryan Yes CageI'm sure there have been times in the history of professional wrestling that a company has botched a story as badly as WWE is botching the Daniel Bryan story, but it sure doesn't feel like it right now. People are mad. Really mad. I have tickets to four WWE events in the next two months (including Wrestlemania and the Raw after) and I don't even feel like going. Let me reiterate that point: I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE BIGGEST SHOW AND MOST FUN SHOW OF THE YEAR. This is absolute insanity and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

There are a lot of reasons for the malaise surrounding people's feelings about WWE, but the biggest one has to be Daniel Bryan and his storyline. For whatever reason the WWE decided that isn't what they want to do and it has completely ruined things for many fans. Batista coming back was something that threw a wrench in the mix, but it shouldn't have ruined things quite to this level. The Wrestlemania rumors at this point are terrible and fans are unhappy. WWE doesn't seem to be listening and we're nearing a breaking point for many people. Why is this happening? How did we get here? Read more

CM Punk quits WWE, machine wins again

I am a big fan of the CM Punk DVD Best in the World. I think it's the best thing WWE has ever produced and it's not really all that close. It's inspiring, it's entertaining and it tells CM Punk's story the exact way that it should be told. Which is to say that it climaxes with the pipebomb and ends with him holding the WWE title. In the movie, he wins. The undergcmpunkrockround overcame the machine and he became The Guy. It's how his story should've ended.

Unfortunately, as we've seen time and time again you can change WWE for a day, or a month, but WWE will never truly change. Vince McMahon and Triple H are tied to the idea of "larger than life" characters who are big guys with big muscles who they think make people stop when flipping channels and say "who's that?" This idea has worked for them for a long time (I guess) and Punk much like Bryan now doesn't fit that idea. Why they never think that people flipping channels wouldn't say "hey who is that guy that the crowd is absolutely losing their shit for?" and stick around, I don't know. How they don't realize that basically every channel has someone with big muscles now or that the fanbase that they do have has money that spends just as well, I don't know either.

This is a sad reality. The wrestling fans love wrestlers who are good and the people in charge of the wrestlers like bodybuilders, but we're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about how CM Punk won. CM Punk climbed to the highest top that he was allowed to climb to and stayed there for a modern day record. His reign honestly kind of sucked, but he did it. He turned too soon because WWE is scared of the idea of there being a 1A to Cena's 1 and he was forced to change his character in a way that made him less like the guy that everyone loved in the first place, but he did it. He got everything he said he wanted: souvenir cups, PPV posters, guest spots on TV shows. He made it. No matter what happens afterwards there is nothing WWE or anyone can do to take away the Best in the World DVD.
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Where WWE really went wrong with the 2014 Royal Rumble

Is this you?


If it is, I'm here for you. You're right that was a pretty crappy thing for WWE to do. I mean, they never even announced Daniel Bryan for the Rumble, but they also never did that thing where Triple H was all mean and told him he wouldn't be. He just wasn't which made it seem like he would be, but then he wasn't and it was the worst. Let's just settle down and we can all look at this rationally.

Is this you?rumble_batista_wm_sign


If so, I'm here for you too. Things do seem very same-old, same-old right now. I ordered a Royal Rumble in 2005 hoping that Batista would win and now here we are nine years later and he is winning another one that I prayed he would not. What a difference a decade makes.

Let's just stop and think about this for a second:

At the Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan....

  • Had the best match of the night
  • Absolutely made Bray Wyatt look like a serious threat, enough of a threat that he is now Cena-worthy
  • Stole the show, both with his match and even more so with his absence from the Rumble match
  • Made the internet explode

That's not bad for a guy who is being buried, that's almost like a guy who isn't being buried at all... wait, what? Stick with me here. Read more

Totally Total Divas: Brie is the only normal one

I knew this day would come, yet I wasn't mentally or emotionally ready for it. The season one finale of Total Divas has come and gone, and I'm still coping. What will I do on Sunday nights? How will I know what's going on in the personal lives of the Divas? What will I blog about?! So many questions, and so few answers - AND I have to wait until March for Total Divas to return? Worst Christmas present ever.

But let's get right into it, shall we? The season finale did not disappoint storyline wise, so I hope you're prepared for this heaping helping of divalicious drama.


Nattie: Let's dig into the drama right away with Nattie. First of all, whyyyy did they not show the Diva's night out in New Orleans? All we got were short, weird recap clips that seemed like a mix between The Real World and a poorly scripted sitcom with bad actresses. Anyway, Nattie entered the infamous #BrieMode and shit got ca-razy! We first saw Nattie as she was waking up after the NOLA night amidst a mess of feathers, masquerade masks, and beads (OMG YOU THINK NATTIE FLASHED ANYONE?!). Read more

The end of Raw is the Road to Wrestlemania

punk-pissedThe ending of last night's Raw is rightly being praised as one of the best of the year. It had it's issues (if Bryan beat Cena and Orton then why isn't he in the match?), but it delivered in a way that few segments have all year. It created excitement and made you really want to see things happen. While it was designed to sell this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view, it actually did a better job of selling another, much bigger pay-per-view -  Wrestlemania.

For my perspective it set up the following possibilities:

  • Bad Guy DX vs. Punk and Bryan
  • Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels
  • Punk vs. Orton
  • Punk vs. Triple H
  • Orton vs. Triple H (Orton as a good guy?)
  • Cena aligning himself with the Authority
  • Punk vs. Cena
  • Stephanie McMahon vs. Randy Orton
  • Orton vs. Triple H vs. Punk vs. Bryan vs. HBK

Besides a couple of those, there is some really cool stuff set up there that I'd really like to see and it seems to me that the Road to Wrestlemania is beginning construction. Read more

Totally Total Divas: Get That Chingle Chingle

This week's episode of Total Divas was pretty lackluster. Sure, we got to see more of John Cena's mega-mansion and the show opened with Trinity jiggling her boobs all over, but overall, eh. Maybe I need more catfights, or maybe I need less JoJo (ha), but what I definitely need is more of Nattie's acting skills and way more of Josie.

I'm sure the E! Network will get right on that, so for now, let's GET THAT CHINGLE CHINGLE


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Daniel Bryan: Wins, losses and burials

When did the rise of Daniel Bryan begin? One could argue that it started after Wrestlemania 28 when the "YES" chants became a thing. While that was a big moment in Daniel's career he didn't begin to really resonate until he started to team with Kane. Was Team Hell No the beginning? In a way, yes, but ultimately I don't think the beginning of Daniel Bryan, the Daniel Bryan who main evented four straight PPV shows, began until the whole "weak link" saga began. Before that he was the actual weak link in a tag team with Kane (or Orton or Cena.) After that? He is the MAN.

By becoming convinced that he was the weak link Bryan began to convince the audience that he was anything but. He put himself in a position where the crowd wanted to support him and help him to prove to himself that he wasn't the weak link. No matter if he was in there with Kane or Randy Orton, two long time established WWE main eventers, he had the crowd in his hand. It was him that they wanted to finally defeat the Shield, no one else. It was a piece of good storytelling and even better character work.

Now, as far as I can tell the first time Daniel Bryan said he was the "weak link" was on the May 24th episode of Smackdown. How has he fared since that show? Read more

The dark side of friendship based wrestling at WWE Hell In A Cell

danielbryan-hbkThe WWE held a pay-per-view on Sunday that I was quite looking forward to. The two biggest stories that have been carrying us through the past few months, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton/the Authority and CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman, seemed like they were set to move towards an end after two months of walking in place. Plus, the Rhodes brothers were set to do their thing and I love when the Rhodes brothers do their thing. To me, it seemed like it was going to be a good show. Every match seemed like it would be solid at worst and I was excited to see Daniel Bryan in the main event again. Even if all signs pointed to a screwy finish and Bryan leaving without the title.

The show happened and every match was at least solid. I liked Cena-Del Rio more than most. (Probably because "Cena wins" doesn't ruin a match for me.) The tag match was great. Cesaro did cool things, AJ did cool things, Punk got his revenge on Heyman and Bryan and Orton had the beginning of a great Hell in a Cell match. It should have been a good pay-per-view. It could have been a good pay-per-view, but in the end the storyline took away from what could have been a great main event and spoiled the whole thing.

In case you didn't hear about it by now here's what happened: Imagine that the Wrestlemania 3 match between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat had a special guest referee of George "The Animal" Steele. Now let's say that during that match that The Animal got hurt and Miss Elizabeth went to check on him, but since there was a match going on that Ricky Steamboat pushed Miss Elizabeth out of the way. The Animal, seeing the object of his affectation get hurt by his friend, gets mad and hits Ricky Steamboat which causes Randy Savage to get the win. Sounds ridiculous, right? Now replace Elizabeth with Triple H, George Steele with Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage with Randy Orton and Ricky Steamboat with Daniel Bryan and you will have exactly what happened tonight. Read more

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