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Zack Ryder’s big gamble

Imagine if one day, out of the blue, The Road Dogg just stopped doing his schtick on the way to the ring. Or Tatanka decided to stop painting his face like a Native American. Or if Razor Ramon stopped slicking his hair back. That would be weird, right? It doesn't seem like Vince would even allow it, does it? Yet somehow, on a smaller scale, it is exactly what is happening with Zack Ryder right now.

ryder-hairWith the exception of CM Punk, who seems to cut his hair whenever and however he feels like, the appearance of WWE superstars has always remained stagnant. Edge had wore a trench coat and pants and had long hair in his first match and he had long hair, a trenchcoat and pants in his last match. Unless a wrestler makes a drastic gimmick change, his hair and his look always remain the same. The color or design on the tights might change, but never the look. The look always remains the same. Once John Cena put on the jorts he never took them off and the only thing that has ever changed was the color. This is done for marketing reasons, for brand identity and probably some other reasons that I am not privy to, but this is the way that the WWE does things and the way that they always have. IRS has been wearing the shirt and suspenders for like 30 years. It seems to have worked out pretty well for them, but what happens when someone decides not to play along anymore? Read more

I love you CM Punk, but you make absolutely no sense

CM Punk is nothing if not dedicated. Anyone who has seen the new, absolutely must-own "Best in the World" DVD knows this. He is dedicated to being the best. He is dedicated to making the most out of every situation and making it gold. He does it because he couldn't imagine doing it any other way, but also because he truly believes that he is the best in the world. I admire this. Hell, I love this. CM Punk is one of my absolute favorite wrestlers of all time (even though I am pretty sure he would absolutely hate me if he ever met me) because of this, but lately CM Punk doesn't seem to make any sense.

CM Punk is such a well drawn out character with such a rich history that his current run makes absolutely no sense. CM Punk is the guy from the indies. CM Punk is the guy who nobody believed in. CM Punk is the guy who had to threaten to leave in order to become a top superstar. (Serious question: Why doesn't someone else try this? What if Mark Henry said he would quit if he didn't get returned to his status as MONSTER HOSS? Oh yeah, they'd probably just let him. Never mind.) He was always great on the microphone and he was always great in the ring, but he never got his fair shake. He did his share of dastardly deeds, but he was never a full-on chickenshit. Now he is. Read more