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A preview of the next Ashes

Over the weekend I was sent this video from a mysterious source. It shows a preview of the next Ashes video which will feature Green Ant and the Colony's search for Soldier Ant taking them to a mysterious bar where UltraMantis Black is. Is this Parts Unknown? Will 3.0 make their way here as well? Does UMB know where Soldier Ant is?

This looks like it's going to be a good one. Read more

Chikara: The BDK is coming

TURSASYou can trace the end of Chikara all the way back to the BDK. Wink Vavasseur was brought into Chikara as an internal auditor to keep an eye on Director of Fun Dieter VonSteigerwalt who was allied with the BDK. Wink was brought into Chikara by WMD Corp (which was a Titor Conglomerate shell company) to learn information which then led to WMD's purchase and everything that has happened since. So an argument could (maybe) be made that without the BDK Chikara would still be here today, but that is a big what-if.

The end of the BDK wasn't as exciting as their beginning. Claudio Castagnoli lost to Icarus and moved to Florida. Pinkie Sanchez left. Ares never came back after losing the Eye of Tyr to UltraMantis Black. Tursas never came back after losing to Green Ant. Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier stopped claiming themselves as members of the BDK shortly after. Their world ended with a whimper, not a bang. Until now...

The BDK released this video titled "kalt wetter" (which translates to "cold weather") in which the BDK guy states that "what belongs to me will be mine once again" and that "destruction awaits those who stand in my way."

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What the heck is going on with Chikara?

icarus-chikaraIn the lead-up to Never Compromise this blog was one of the top destinations for Chikara conspiracy talk. Some of the most viewed posts in our history are about this very topic. That period between Tag World Grand Prix and Never Compromise was the most speculation heavy period of pro wrestling I can remember and some of the most fun as well. Hours upon hours were spent listening to podcasts, reading theories, chatting on message boards and everything else, and then Never Compromise happened and it all shut down.

Not only did the promotion shut down, but that spark that I felt where I needed to know more shut down too. No longer did I research conspiracy theories and attempt to read into tweets. I followed, sure, but the obsession was gone. Over the past few months things have happened, some big and some small, that have moved this thing forward and made us finally start to believe that Chikara could one day return. While at the same time things have happened that have made it seem like the Titor Conglomerate and their thugs have made it seem like they would never, ever allow Chikara return. While I'm not sure what is going to happen or how imminent a Chikara return is, I felt it was time to do a catch-up on everything that has happened since Never Compromise because now is the time that things are starting to happen. Now is the time that the feeling is starting to return. I may never understand why all this ever happened, but I'm ready to jump back in. I'm ready to get my favorite wrestling promotion back. Read more

Mr. Touchdown must be stopped: An Under The Hood preview

Chikara's Under the Hood is this Sunday live on iPPV at Smart Mark Video on Demand and you should probably just go ahead and order it. Chikara always delivers with their season finales and their previous iPPVs have been among the top shows of the year. This Sunday should be no different with seven good to great matches on the card and many storylines reaching their boiling point. This is Chikara's last show for two whole months (noooooooo) so everyone should be bringing their A-Game. To say I'm excited would be a gross understatement.

So let's preview the card on the Ole! Wrestling Excitement Scale (with 1 being the most excited and 8 being the least) which is a thing I just made up. Read more