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Bryan Danielson is gone, long live Daniel Bryan

I should start this off by admitting that I am not a Bryan Danielson loyalist. I wasn't really into Ring of Honor at the time of his epic run of greatness and, to be honest, I'm not even sure I've ever seen a full ROH match of his. I know I've attempted to watch one of his matches against Nigel McGuiness, but it was always late at night and a dude needs his beauty sleep. Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is independent wrestling watching Vince and Bryan Danielson on the indies never really matched up. I know heBryan Danielson is gone. Long live Daniel Bryan. was great, but I just haven't seen the all the evidence.

I do, however, love Daniel Bryan. I was one of those people watching NXT season one because of him, because of his reputation and he delivered. His match against Chris Jericho on the debut episode was off the charts awesome. Just the perfect rookie vs. veteran match that makes the rookie look and feel important and the kind of thing that the WWE should be doing more. (Ohno vs. Cena plz.) The show was never able to match what it was on that first night and WWE dropped the ball with Bryan going forward, but it didn't really matter to me. The point was made, Daniel Bryan was awesome and he would become one of the parts of WWE I liked from that point on. Skipping over his brief firing, this was true and has been ever since. His wrestling made Daniel Bryan one of my favorite wrestlers and then the excellent Wrestling Road Diaries would make him one of my favorite people. Read more

El Generico Numero Uno

It should probably come as no surprise that El Generico is my current favorite wrestler. His face is plastered all over this place and the name itself is inspired by him.To me, he is the best. Just the absolute best. We should be best friends. My girlfriend picked up on my feeling and offered to take a picture of me with him when we went to Chikara earlier this month. Honestly? I could not have been more excited and this is now my facebook profile pic for the rest of my life.

I'll be 31 next month.

El Generico is really great in the ring. I don't want to get into a whole best in the world thing because I'm not qualified for it, but suffice to say he is up there with the CM Punks and Daniel Bryans of the world. He tells great stories in the ring and I've never seen him have a bad match. His match with The Shard at the aforementioned Chikara show stole the show. Generico had the crowd eating out of his hand and it was the best (and most dangerous) I've seen The Shard look. (Generico did the same thing for the 1-2-3 Kid a year ago and now he's getting a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. This is not a coincidence.) He has the coolest movez with the Brainbustahhhhhhhhhh probably being one of the more original and absolutely devastating looking finishers in wrestling today. And for someone who speaks broken English as a second language, Generico has some really entertaining promos. Any way you measure it El Generico is great at wrestling, but none of these things I mentioned is why El Generico is numero uno lucha libre. Read more

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe II is a really good match

About a week ago I came across this list with video links to every match that Dave Meltzer has rated five stars. Now I'm not one of these dudes who thinks that Dave Meltzer is the be-all, end-all of what is good and bad in wrestling. For one, Dave Meltzer hated ECW when it was around and ECW was my favorite thing ever when I was between the ages of 16 and 19 so screw him. I didn't forget that shit, Dave. Second of all, star ratings are dumb. Star ratings keep Scott Keith getting millions of hits when all they are is an opinion from someone who says he doesn't even like wrestling anymore. Screw star ratings too.

That being said a FIVE STAR MATCH~ is a big deal. I mean, how can a five star match not be good? Some guy gave it his highest possible rating! Five star matches are the matches you show your friends who don't like wrestling to make them realize how awesome wrestling is. I was at John Cena vs CM Punk's Money in the Bank match and I knew when it was over that it was going to be a Dave Meltzer five star match. There was no way it couldn't be. I've never seen anything like that match in my life. So while I think we shouldn't be slaves to star ratings it's important to stand up and take notice of the matches that do receive this highest accolade. For instance, I've never been a big women's wrestling guy (until King of Trios 2012) and I've never really been a big Japanese wrestling guy, but I saw a Manami Toyota/Aja Kong match on this list so I thought I'd check it out and after watching it all I can really say is HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. I honestly don't know how my life would have turned out if I saw that match in 1994. I'm not even kidding.

(Seriously, watch it. Chikara calls Manami Toyota the greatest female wrestler of all time, but she might be the best wrestler of all time. Insanity.)

Anyways, I saw the Punk/Joe II on the list and I remembered that I'd never finished watching it. Read more