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Chikara’s Missed Opportunity

Chikara took over twitter on Monday to hold the Clash of the Immortals draft. The Clash of the Immortals is the season long event with the following rules:

The rules state that the teams are going to be taking part in a round robin tournament that begins at "Out on a Limb" on March 7th.

Each team must face every other team twice. The captains must agree on a type of match: singles, tag, trios or atomicos. But, they must have a different type of match the second time - so if Team A faces Team Z in a singles match - the second match in their competition must be one of the others, it cannot be a singles match.

Every time a team wins, they get 1 point. Lose a match, no points.


Every member of the winning team, beyond bragging rights, gets what Quackenbush is calling "A Golden Opportunity" - For example, you want a Grand Championship Match but don't have 3 points (CHIKARA Championship Matches are Awarded on a points system requiring you to have won three matches in a row) - cash in your Golden Opportunity and you you get your match.

This seems cool. This has potential. I am interested in seeing this play out.


The draft gave the tournament an added wrinkle that excited me. As a fan of fantasy sports, the draft concept felt like something that could be really cool and make for some great storytelling opportunities in the upcoming season. It reminded me of Chikarametrics and the strange bedfellows that came with it. In my opinion, Chikara is at it's best when characters are forced outside of their comfort zone.

Then the draft happened... Read more

Rebirth of Chikara and its many questions

archie-tdOn May 25th, 2014, exactly 12 years after their first show, Chikara is back. This is good news. No, this is great news. For the wrestling fan who has found their love of wrestling in the eight months without Chikara this couldn't have come a day sooner. As WWE fails to understand the wants of their most dedicated fans and TNA continues to fail to understand the basic idea of good business, the return of Chikara is the greatest thing. I can't wait for Chikara to return.

Which isn't to say that it is all sunshine and roses. At the end of the long eight months I find myself with more questions than answers. I know that this was designed, that this was a story and that Chikara had to tell this story to get to where they wanted to go. I know all of this, but I still have one question: why?

Before we get further into that let's catch everyone up with the story and how we got here: Read more

A preview of the next Ashes

Over the weekend I was sent this video from a mysterious source. It shows a preview of the next Ashes video which will feature Green Ant and the Colony's search for Soldier Ant taking them to a mysterious bar where UltraMantis Black is. Is this Parts Unknown? Will 3.0 make their way here as well? Does UMB know where Soldier Ant is?

This looks like it's going to be a good one. Read more

Chikara: The BDK is coming

TURSASYou can trace the end of Chikara all the way back to the BDK. Wink Vavasseur was brought into Chikara as an internal auditor to keep an eye on Director of Fun Dieter VonSteigerwalt who was allied with the BDK. Wink was brought into Chikara by WMD Corp (which was a Titor Conglomerate shell company) to learn information which then led to WMD's purchase and everything that has happened since. So an argument could (maybe) be made that without the BDK Chikara would still be here today, but that is a big what-if.

The end of the BDK wasn't as exciting as their beginning. Claudio Castagnoli lost to Icarus and moved to Florida. Pinkie Sanchez left. Ares never came back after losing the Eye of Tyr to UltraMantis Black. Tursas never came back after losing to Green Ant. Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier stopped claiming themselves as members of the BDK shortly after. Their world ended with a whimper, not a bang. Until now...

The BDK released this video titled "kalt wetter" (which translates to "cold weather") in which the BDK guy states that "what belongs to me will be mine once again" and that "destruction awaits those who stand in my way."

What does this mean? Read more

What the heck is going on with Chikara?

icarus-chikaraIn the lead-up to Never Compromise this blog was one of the top destinations for Chikara conspiracy talk. Some of the most viewed posts in our history are about this very topic. That period between Tag World Grand Prix and Never Compromise was the most speculation heavy period of pro wrestling I can remember and some of the most fun as well. Hours upon hours were spent listening to podcasts, reading theories, chatting on message boards and everything else, and then Never Compromise happened and it all shut down.

Not only did the promotion shut down, but that spark that I felt where I needed to know more shut down too. No longer did I research conspiracy theories and attempt to read into tweets. I followed, sure, but the obsession was gone. Over the past few months things have happened, some big and some small, that have moved this thing forward and made us finally start to believe that Chikara could one day return. While at the same time things have happened that have made it seem like the Titor Conglomerate and their thugs have made it seem like they would never, ever allow Chikara return. While I'm not sure what is going to happen or how imminent a Chikara return is, I felt it was time to do a catch-up on everything that has happened since Never Compromise because now is the time that things are starting to happen. Now is the time that the feeling is starting to return. I may never understand why all this ever happened, but I'm ready to jump back in. I'm ready to get my favorite wrestling promotion back. Read more

All You See Is Mine: Chikara in Easton, Icarus the savior and the end of the nightmare

The silence of Chikara has been deafening. After a brief period where all the wrestlers were looking for work, followed by members of the WMD Corp auctioning off Chikara items (ring entrance, lights, Campeonatos) at the 101 forum and a few nice words from people, we haven't heard much. No new info on the Vavasseurs or Titor from Derek Sabato or related updates on the No Private Army blog. Just a fake Condor twitter and a bunch of silence. (Seriously, why would a PRIVATE ARMY have a twitter? Stop grasping, people.)

Photo credit: gentlmanant

Photo credit: gentlmanant

I haven't had much to say and without Chikara I haven't had much to get me excited. The Chikara memories have been fading as message board threads and twitters are silent on Chikara because there isn't anything new to talk about. Until now...

Last week Dasher Hatfield started a thread at the Chikara101 forums to talk about his favorite Chikara memories. After 30 days without hearing anything, Dasher has given up and has decided to let go of his Chikara memories. He wasn't the only one either, a lot of other wrestlers have chimed in with their thoughts on the matter as well. Jakob Hammermeir has talked retirement without Chikara. Green Ant, Tim Donst, Kobald, AssailANT, Gavin, Bryce and even UMB have all shared their memories. It's a great thread and you should check it out.

It seems that the wrestlers and staff who posted in this thread are reaching that final stage of grief, acceptance. To paraphrase Tim Donst, it was Us against The World and The World won. It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, seems to be the rallying cry for everyone. Well, almost everyone. There is one man who doesn't feel this way, one man who won't give up, one man who wants to fight for Chikara and that man is... Icarus. Of course it is. Read more

The night the Vavasseurs killed Chikara

conrad-vavasseur1Chikara's Never Compromise was a great show. The show featured a lot of different wrestling styles and did its best to have something for everyone. My favorite match was probably The Colony vs. The Devastation Corporation, but I enjoyed pretty much every match and there is a strong chance Tim Donst vs. Gavin Loudspeaker will be the one I always remember. The main event was actually better than I expected despite the lack of finish. Of course, nobody wants to hear about the wrestling portion of the show because of that non-finish in the main event because that non-finish could be the end of Chikara as we know it.

I suppose we should start with Derek Sabato and mention that we kinda called it on that one (was he the one emailing us? I don't think so because he didn't seem to have the info until late Saturday night, but who knows), but it is the information that we have been seeking that is what got us into this predicament. To this place where we don't know if we'll ever see Chikara again. Was finding out the truth about the Titor Conglomerate really worth the end of my favorite thing ever? If we could do it all over again, would we just accept Wink's flaws and ask no questions about his family? Was the quest for knowledge worth it? I am going to say no. I wanted to attend my first King of Trios this year. I wanted to do whatever it takes to help Chikara return to Milwaukee this year. I wanted to buy DVDs and IPPVs and go see my favorite wrestlers do my favorite thing. That's what I wanted from this year. These questions I asked were not worth the price of the answers.

But here we are. The past cannot be undone because the Everett-Wheeler model is correct. This is the darkest timeline and CHIKARA is really gone right now. So, what do we do? We've gone this far down the rabbit hole, looking for answers that people don't want us to know and it has ended Chikara. We might not be able to bring it back (or maybe we will,) but I don't think we should stop trying to seek these answers. If these questions are so powerful that they could shut down the promotion than they probably need to be answered. We owe Chikara that much. Read more

Chikarageddon: Derek Sabato, the Titor Conglomerate and Tim Donst

Never Compromise is tomorrow and there are a lot of questions heading into the show. Is this the end of Chkara as we know it? Or the beginning of the next chapter in a whole new world? We've asked many questions here at the site that others are afraid to ask, but we aren't the first ones to ask them. Other blogs have done so as well, but the only member of the Chikara roster that we have ever seen make public comments about the Titor Conglomerate is Derek Sabato. He posted a blog on Chikara's website asking some difficult questions and shortly afterwards that blog was deleted and Sabato was released from Chikara. As we've seen, WMD/Titor do not like people asking questions about them and the silencing of Sabato should have been our first clue that something was not right in the world of Chikara.

While Chikara deleted the blog from their website and hoped to make it disappear, we luckily have the Chikara Special who saved the blog. Here's a snippet of it:

So I’ll have to take this to a public forum if I want any answers to my questions. What is it exactly that Condor Security does for the Titor Conglomerate? There are some outrageous allegations out there about the group. How do you respond to them? Read more

Delving deeper into Chikarmageddon, conspiracies and John Titor

conrad vavasseurThe potentially world ending Never Compromise is just three days away and we still have a LOT to talk about. I don't want to waste a lot of time with set-up so let's just get right into it. Please keep in mind that everything you see here is an opinion that I have formed based on things that I have read and is no way a sign of what can or will happen.

  • The Archibald Peck collapsing time line theory is (thankfully) not going to come true.

I believe the Mandible Claw Chikara podcast was the first one to hint at an end of days type scenario based on Archie's time travel. I have come to the conclusion that this is not something that we should be worried about. Why? Because sometimes a banana is just a banana. Let me explain:

In the Chikara Answers post I asked our mysterious informant what the Swamp Monster and Lance Steel were doing in the balcony during Archibald Peck's match right before his time travel. The idea that a known time traveler and a Swamp Monster with potential reality bending powers being in the balcony at the same time as another Chikara wrestler time traveled was not a coincidence. There are a lot of people who have been obsessed with this idea, but the informant's answer has given me some calm on this matter. The informant said:

They seemed to be discussing the properties of an ever-ripe banana.

Which is to say, maybe they were just watching the show and admiring a banana. Maybe nothing sinister was at work. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

I'd also like to point to what known time traveler John Titor had to say about paradoxes:

If you met yourself on another worldline, what would happen?
It has always surprised me why that concept is so hard for people to imagine and accept. Nothing would happen. The universe would not end and there are no paradox problems that threaten existence.

Temporal space-time is made up of every possible quantum state. The Everett Wheeler model is correct. I have met and/or seen myself twice on different worldlines. The first was a training mission and the second is now.

I was born in 1998 so the other "me" is 2 on this worldline. There is a saying where I come from, "Every possible thing that can happen or will happen has already happened somewhere".

I feel like John Titor is an expert on these things being a time traveler and all, so I'm going with what he said.

  • Why does John Titor share a name with the conglomerate in control of Chikara?

Money? Power? Let your mind wander.

  • Civil war? A fractured country in the future? Worldlines? Read more

The World Is Wrong: Icarus, Kingston and You

highnoonSomething is wrong in the world of Chikara, we know this. Things have probably been wrong for quite some time, but it is only now that we have begun to truly notice it. Whether it has to do with Delirious destroying the Eye of Tyr, someone rebuilding it, Archibald Peck's time traveling or the Vavasseur's real plans; we don't know, but what we do know is that something is not right with the world and in no place is that better encapsulated than in the matchup between Eddie Kingston and Icarus.

Let's take a look at Chikara's first IPPV High Noon. At that event Eddie Kingston was the biggest tecnico on the show. He was fighting for redemption, fighting for the memory of Larry Sweeney and fighting for the right to be crowned the first Grand Champion. His opponent, Mike Quackenbush, would do everything short of cheating to defeat Kingston, but he kept overcoming the odds and when he won; tears were shed. The crowd went wild, Quackenbush shook his hand, Tommy Dreamer (who was his corner) helped him to celebrate, Bryce cried, Sweeney's friends and family celebrated and all was right with the world. Kingston was redeemed. It was one of the top moments in Chikara history and a truly emotional experience for even the most jaded fan.

Contrast that with Icarus who wrestled Gregory Iron on the undercard. Gregory Iron, the handicap hero, who wrestled with cerebral palsy. Icarus thought it was wise to accuse Gregory Iron of faking his disability to gain sympathy with the audience. There were fans in the front row with "WORST IN THE WORLD" shirts to taunt Icarus and many chants of the same. His back tattoo, his terrible back tattoo, received more boos than the man himself. He was, without a doubt, the most hated man in the building. Just as he always was. Read more

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