Mr. Touchdown must be stopped: An Under The Hood preview

Chikara's Under the Hood is this Sunday live on iPPV at Smart Mark Video on Demand and you should probably just go ahead and order it. Chikara always delivers with their season finales and their previous iPPVs have been among the top shows of the year. This Sunday should be no different with seven good to great matches on the card and many storylines reaching their boiling point. This is Chikara's last show for two whole months (noooooooo) so everyone should be bringing their A-Game. To say I'm excited would be a gross understatement.

So let's preview the card on the Ole! Wrestling Excitement Scale (with 1 being the most excited and 8 being the least) which is a thing I just made up.

8. 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty vs. The Young Bucks for the Campeonatos de Parejas

Remember when Hulk Hogan came back to the WWE and got that crazy pop at Wrestlemania that "turned" him? (I never bought this by the way. They knew the reaction he'd get and designed the match for Hulk Hogan, not Hollywood.) That was pretty awesome, right? But then he ended up pinning Triple H for the title a couple months later and it was like "ugh, really?" This is kind of like that.

1-2-3 Kid made his triumphant return to the ring at King of Trios 2011 and it was magnificent. It was pure nostalgia and it was honestly a big part of the reason I bought that show on DVD (my first Chikara DVD!) The fact that El Generico got a great match out of him was the icing on the cake and it was a lot of fun. Then he returned at King of Trios 2012 and it wasn't the same. I thought the Team WWF vs Team ECW match was kind of bad and his night two showing wasn't much better. On night three, which was honestly a bit of nostalgia overload, he teamed up with Marty Jannetty to knock out the Powers of Pain and Los Ice Creams out of the tag gauntlet and score two points. They would add their third point against the Heart Throbs and now here we are.

I don't think this match will be bad because much like El Generico, the Young Bucks can get a great match out of anyone and despite their aging bodies the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty still remember what a great match looks like. I just hope that they don't win.

7. Icarus vs. Dasher Hatfield

This is a relatively new story, but one that has some gravitas behind it. Dasher has beaten Icarus twice in the past month, but Icarus has attacked him after the bell and refused to acknowledge either victory. This alone would be a good reason for a match, but there is something that hasn't been getting a lot of play and that is the battle for Sugar Dunkerton's soul. Or at least the battle between Sugar's two regular tag team partners.

Sugar suffered an injury that kept him out of action and while he was gone he was replaced by Mr. Touchdown as Dasher Hatfield's regular tag team partner. He would eventually complain about being left off of the Throwbacks trios team and be placed in FIST by Wink Vavasseur. Since then he has been teaming with Icarus and FIST has been trying to get him to cheat more and more. It's hard to imagine Sugar not being apart of this match. Will he be reunited with Dasher? Or has Icarus turned him to the dark side?

6. 3.0 vs. FIST winner gets third point

Match quality wise this is probably my second or third most anticipated match on the card. Two of the very best tag teams in the company facing off, both hoping for a third point and both going all out to try and steal the show. They could do it, but on the season finale they won't be the only ones.

5. Homecoming Queen and King will be crowned

Veronica seems like a shoe-in for queen, but what about king? It was at this very same arena that Mr. Touchdown defeated Archibald Peck that forced him to leave Chikara AND he stole Veronica from him. Could Archie get some votes? What about the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger? Or Steve the Turtle Weiner? Anyone but Mr. Touchdown.

4. Eddie Kingston vs Tim Donst for the Grand Championship

Eddie Kingston hasn't been as big of a force in Chikara this season as you would have expected after his big win at High Noon, but I believe that's more because he has been fighting a bad knee than anything else. Meanwhile Tim Donst has grown into something bigger than ever before, but I'm not quite convinced he's the best in the company yet. So despite being for the Grand Championship I really don't feel like this is the most important match on the card (A big part of this is probably because this title shot seemed earmarked for Sara Del Rey.) I

It will be interesting to see what happens here because I can honestly see this match going either way. A big win over Eddie Kingston could make Tim Donst for life, but I'm just not sure if he's ready or if Eddie Kingston is ready to give in.

3. Team Delirious vs. Team UltraMantis Black

An absolute war is what this one should be. No match on the card has as much hate brewing as Delirous' army and the Spectral Envoy. Delirious has been trying to make UltraMantis Black's life hell all season and he has promised to continue doing so for another year. I expect this match to be similar to UltraMantis' Black and Hallowicked's match at High Noon against Tim Donst and Ares, an all-out ECW style brawl. I'm not sure who will take this one, but I do think it will be very good. UltraMantis Black has a tendency to try to steal the show when placed in a big time match.

Also, Crossbones.

2. Jigsaw, The Shard, Soldier Ant and deviANT vs. Mike Quackenbush, AssailANT, Fire Ant and Green Ant

While this should be a fun match, the amount of storylines going on here take it to another level. A quick rundown of the questions heading in:

  • Is this the end of QuackSaw?
  • Who is becoming rudo here, Quackenbush or Jigsaw?
  • Does Fire Ant finally trust AssailANT?
  • Does AssailANT finally join the tecnico side? Or has this been an elaborate setup?
  • How does Mike Quackenbush feel about AssailANT? Does he want to destroy him too? How will they team together?
  • Will Soldier Ant, who has been branding himself a POW since being forced to team with these guys, finally snap?

The GEKIDO storyline has been very well told with it starting off as a "who are these guys?" type of thing and evolving into the roster dividing thing that it is today. It feels like after this match we will have a new top rudo in the company, but who will it be?

1. ACH vs. Mr. Touchdown for the Young Lions Cup

This could easily be the best match on the card and in my personal opinion it should go on last. I can't help but think the crowning of Homecoming King will lead directly into this match, but even without that it should be great. These two had one of the best Chikara matches of the year in the Young Lions Cup final and they only get better with each match. This could be off the charts awesome. It could be a really awesome and competitive match, but I don't want it to. I want Mr. Touchdown to be destroyed.

Mr. Touchdown killed Sapphire. He deserves to pay

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