El Generico Numero Uno

It should probably come as no surprise that El Generico is my current favorite wrestler. His face is plastered all over this place and the name itself is inspired by him.To me, he is the best. Just the absolute best. We should be best friends. My girlfriend picked up on my feeling and offered to take a picture of me with him when we went to Chikara earlier this month. Honestly? I could not have been more excited and this is now my facebook profile pic for the rest of my life.

I'll be 31 next month.

El Generico is really great in the ring. I don't want to get into a whole best in the world thing because I'm not qualified for it, but suffice to say he is up there with the CM Punks and Daniel Bryans of the world. He tells great stories in the ring and I've never seen him have a bad match. His match with The Shard at the aforementioned Chikara show stole the show. Generico had the crowd eating out of his hand and it was the best (and most dangerous) I've seen The Shard look. (Generico did the same thing for the 1-2-3 Kid a year ago and now he's getting a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. This is not a coincidence.) He has the coolest movez with the Brainbustahhhhhhhhhh probably being one of the more original and absolutely devastating looking finishers in wrestling today. And for someone who speaks broken English as a second language, Generico has some really entertaining promos. Any way you measure it El Generico is great at wrestling, but none of these things I mentioned is why El Generico is numero uno lucha libre.

The thing about El Generico that makes him the best is that he is infinitely likable and impossible not to root for. It's not the way he is portrayed or booking or anything like that, it is all him. When you watch El Generico wrestle you can't help but think that you like this guy and that you want him to win. It doesn't matter if you are predisposed to El Generico or not, if you are watching him wrestle it does not take long to become invested in his matches. I don't know what it is about him, but there is something about El Generico that just draws you to him. You want El Generico to win. You don't want to see El Generico get hurt. You can't help yourself. You want to cheer for him. You care about El Generico.

He is a guy you pay to see. I bought tickets to a Ring of Honor show to see him wrestle Kevin Steen and that was the only reason I bought tickets to that show. I am buying Ring of Honor's Final Battle iPPV because of El Generico and that is the only reason I am buying that iPPV. (I'm starting to think I don't like ROH.) When I went to my last live show I could honestly not wait to give El Generico money for a t-shirt. Again, he's just someone you care for and want to see do well.

There are rumors that WWE "wants" El Generico and that would be amazing for him. He's an awesome wrestler, he seems like a great guy and he deserves all the money in the world. I want the best for him, I really do, but a part of me worries about the possibility. Not because I hate underground bands signing to major labels, but because I am not sure they know how to handle El Generico.

WWE never has good guys that are actually good and I think they forgot how to. They are stuck in the Rock/Stone Cold mindset of the "anti-hero" or to put it more succinctly, the awful person who is a good guy because they say he is a good guy. Even John Cena, the most white bread dude on the planet and Mr. Make-A-Wish, does terrible things that a good person would never do and acts like a prick most of the time. They've had a lot of success with the anti-hero character and that success has made them stop believing in the idea of good versus evil. So what could they possibly do with the greatest good guy in wrestling today?

At the same time I don't worry at all. The greatest strength that you can have in life is to do things differently than everyone else and to stand out amongst the crowd. El Generico personifies this. There is no one like El Generico and I don't think there ever has been. They can change his mask and his name and his finisher and everything else, but they can't change who he is. If he gets the chance to live in the world of anti-heroes he'll do just fine because in that world a good guy is different. A good guy could be numero uno de entretenimiento deportivo.

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