Dr. Cube, Sinn Bodhi and Wrestling Is

This weekend saw the destruction of another Wrestling Is promotion as Sinn Bodhi made good on his promise to destroy Wrestling is Art. I can't say that I was surprised, but I can say I was surprised at exactly how he did it. At some point during the show, Sinn Bodhi purchased Wrestling is Art from promoter Henry Babbitt. We know this because Chikara super sleuth Private Eye Jr posted this photo on his Instagram.

After legally(?) purchasing the promotion, Sinn Bodhi shut it down. He was the owner of the company so he could do whatever he wanted. This wasn't a hostage situation like with Gekido at Intense or a straight up robbery like Dr. Cube at Awesome, this was a business transaction. Plain and simple.

Except this is Sinn Bodhi we are talking about and a simple business transaction doesn't really seem like his M.O. Instead, this situation has caused more questions than answers.

  • Why did Sinn Bodhi buy Wrestling is Art?

    This one seems rather simple as Bodhi stated his feelings about Wrestling is Art in a recent blog post. He doesn't believe that Wrestling Is Art, he believes that he is Art. So Wrestling Is Art's destruction is right up his alley.
  • Where did Sinn Bodhi get the money to buy Wrestling is Art?

    This is a much better question. We've never known Bodhi to be wealthy so we could assume that he had some financial backers to help him do this. Could it be Titor? Or could Dr. Cube have given him the money that he stole from Wrestling is Awesome to buy Wrestling Is Art?

  • How is Dr. Cube connected to this?

    Dr. Cube's minions were in the house as seen in this picture. These are the same minions seen at Wrestling is Awesome's shut down.

    photo credit: reddit

    From left: Qefka the Quiet, Henry Babbitt, Sinn Bodhi, Oliver Grimsly, Dr. Cube minions
    photo credit: reddit

    So why are they there? Does that box contain the Eye of Tyr? And what are Qefka the Quiet and Oliver Grimsly doing there? How do they fit in to this?

  • Are Dr. Cube, Sinn Bodhi and Gekido connected somehow?

    I don't know, but it certainly seems like it.

  • Why did Henry Babbitt sell Wrestling is ArtIt seems like they had a good thing going, no? Did he feel threatened by Sinn? I don't think so because there he is at the end of the show standing by his side. You'd think Sinn Bodhi, who hates the idea of wrestling being art, would hate the man responsible for the promotion. Is Babbitt being controlled by the Eye? Or was he simply bought out?
  • Is Dr. Cube even Doctor Cube?I don't keep up with Kaiju, but this video shows that he has not been the same since he came back from being assassinated.

    What if Dr. Cube isn't really Dr. Cube? Who is he?

The way I see it there is one of three things that could connect Sinn Bodhi to Dr. Cube as there is nothing in their histories to connect them otherwise. Those things are:

Dr. Cube traded Sinn Bodhi the Eye of Tyr in exchange for the shutdown of Wrestling is Art

Why? One possible theory is that Dr. Cube is a man of science and therefore hates Art. Another theory is that the Eye of Tyr must be given away after use or the owner will have bad luck. Maybe it was time for Dr. Cube to let it go as he has already used it for what he intended. Could Bodhi have then used the newly acquired Eye to control Babbitt? Yes, but it seems like a stretch.

Sinn Bodhi is under the control of the Eye of Tyr

Honestly, I didn't think this one held much weight until I saw Leonard F. Chikarason's blog on the subject where he said this:

Bodhi reiterated several points he originally made on Facebook, referring to himself as a work of art before ordering the ring disassembled and the cameras shut off. Before leaving through the double doors of the Varnum Continental, he was confronted by Batiri members Kobald and Kodama, but Bodhi either did not see them when making his exit, or ignored them completely, leaving both a bit confused.

Bodhi trained the three members of the Batiri (in exchange for the Eye of Tyr from UltraMantis Black, but was ultimately double-crossed by Mantis) so him not remembering them seems super important. Is he being controlled by someone? Dr. Cube? If not Dr. Cube, who?

Titor and Money

Who has the money to bankroll a hostile takeover? Titor. Who has a history of shutting down beloved wrestling promotions? Titor. Who allegedly funded Gekido who shut down a beloved wrestling promotion? Titor.

I don't know how they connect. I can't allege that they connect, but I'm sure you could make an assumption that a Nazi doctor and denizens of Elohim City would have something in common. Could Dr. Cube be in the Titor inner circle? Is Sinn just their puppet?

The more answers we get, the more questions that come with them. I can see a light at the end of this tunnel that is Chikara's return, but it's only a small one and, honestly, there might just be something in my eye.

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